June 17, 2013

The Board will meet in the HAYWOOD COUNTY COURTROOM
of the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE at 215 N. Main Street, Waynesville
beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Citizens must sign up for public comment prior to 5:20 p.m. and are limited
to three (3) minutes. Audience members may not address the Board at any time
during deliberations unless recognized by the Chairman.

I.          Call to Order – Chairman Mark S. Swanger

II.         Pledge of Allegiance

III.       Public Hearing

1. Public Hearing for the Authorization of Negotiation of an Installment Financing Obligation - Julie Davis, Finance Director

2. Public Hearing for Consideration of Proposed Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Budget – Marty Stamey, County Manager – ATTACHMENT 1

IV.       Public Comment Session          

V.        Constituent Concerns

VI.       Discussion /Adjustment to Agenda

VII.      Consent Agenda

1. Approve June 3, 2013 regular meeting minutes

2. Approve May 2013 – Refunds, Releases, Amendments and Discoveries – David Francis, Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 2

3. Request Approval of Revised County Management Record Retention and Disposition Schedule – Amie Owens, Executive Assistant/Deputy Clerk – ATTACHMENT 3

a. Imaging Policy - ATTACHMENT 4

4. Resolution of the County of Haywood, North Carolina, declaring the intent of the County of Haywood to reimburse itself for capital expenditures incurred in connection with the renovation of a county building from proceeds of certain obligations to be executed and delivered in calendar year 2013 – Julie Davis, Finance Director – ATTACHMENT 5

5. Budget Amendments – Julie Davis, Finance Director

a. DSS – $89,560 –To re-allocated previously budgeted amounts among Social Services programs to cover expenditures through June 30 – ATTACHMENT 6

b. DSS – Work First program – Subsidized child care - $701,780 – Receipt of state and federal funding for child care for Work First clients – ATTACHMENT 7

c. Detention Department - $155,000 – To cover increased costs through June 30 – ATTACHMENT 8

d. General Fund – $16,950- Various departments year end budget reallocations to cover expenditures estimated through June 30 – ATTACHMENT 9

e. General Fund – Transfer balance of ADM appropriation for school capital projects to Public School ADM Fund - $55,938. This is the county match portion for the projects – ATTACHMENT 10

f. Internal Service Fund - Workers’ Compensation – $20,000 year end budget revision to cover multiple workers compensation settlements – ATTACHMENT 11

g. Special Revenue Fund – Emergency 911 - $25,000- from E-911 contingency to cover phone service charges through June 30 – ATTACHMENT 12

h. Special Revenue Fund – Service Districts - $165,600 – increased collections to be paid to districts through June – ATTACHMENT 13

i. Capital Project Fund – County building project - $45,900 – from N.C. Department of Transportation property purchase on Paragon Parkway to be used for security upgrades at Human Services building – ATTACHMENT 14

VIII.     New Business

1. Request Approval of Use of Drug Forfeiture Funds for Purchase of One (1) Canine and computer upgrades - Sheriff Greg Christopher – ATTACHMENT 15

a. Budget Amendment - $11,348 – Julie Davis, Finance Director – ATTACHMENT 16

2. Request Approval of Resolution for Declaration of Service Side Arm for Retiring Chief Deputy Larry Bryson – Sheriff Greg Christopher – ATTACHMENT 17

3. Request approval of VIPER Radio Tower Memorandum of Understanding – Greg Shuping, Emergency Management Director – ATTACHMENT 18

4. Request Approval of Donation of Samsung IDCS Telephone System to Clyde Fire Department and Resolution Declaring Property Surplus and Conveying Property – Joey Webb, Network Administrator – ATTACHMENT 19

5. Presentation of Operating Lease for Virtualization Project - Lori Tomlin, Communications and Technology Director – ATTACHMENT 20

6. Request Appointments to Various Committees – Marty Stamey, County Manager

a. Haywood County Social Services Board – One (1) at-large position – ATTACHMENT 21

b. Region A Area Agency on Aging Regional Council – Two (2) at-large positions - Member and Alternate – ATTACHMENT 22

c. Haywood County Recreation Advisory Board – One (1) position for each district:

1. Clyde Township – ATTACHMENT 23

2. White Oak, Cataloochee, Crabtree, Fines Creek, Ironduff – ATTACHMENT 24

d. Haywood County Library Board of Trustees – One (1) at- large position – ATTACHMENT 25

7. Change in meeting schedule – cancellation of July 1, 2013 regular meeting – Chairman Mark Swanger

IX.       Closed Session

Economic Development – G.S.§143-318.11(a)(4) 

X.        Adjournment