December 5, 2011

The Board will meet in the HAYWOOD COUNTY COURTROOM
of the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE at 215 N. Main Street, Waynesville
beginning at 9:00 a.m.
Citizens must sign up for public comment prior to 8:50 a.m. and are limited
to three (3) minutes. Audience members may not address the Board at any time
during deliberations unless recognized by the Chairman.

I.          Call to Order – Chairman Mark S. Swanger

II.         Pledge of Allegiance

III.       Public Comment Session

IV.       Constituent Concerns

V.        Discussion / Adjustment / Approval of Consent Agenda

VI.       Consent Agenda

1. Approve November 21, 2011 regular meeting minutes

2. Budget Amendments:

a. Sheriff’s Office – $65,000 – transfer of funds from Contingency in the general fund to cover additional inmate medical costs – Julie Davis, Finance Director – ATTACHMENT 1
b. Health Department - $6,375 – additional funding received for cancer screening services for women – Julie Davis – ATTACHMENT 2
c. Health Department - $3,062 – additional funding received to be used in the immunization program – ATTACHMENT 3

VII.   Administrative/Agency Report

Smoky Mountain Center’s fiscal monitoring report for the quarter ended September 30, 2011 – Julie Davis – ATTACHMENT 4

VIII.     Old Business

Region A Partnership for Children Contract with Haywood County Health Department – Carmine Rocco, Health Director – ATTACHMENT 5      

IX.       New Business

1. Junaluska Fire Department request for approval to borrow for purchase of property – Julie Davis, Harold Long, Chairman of Junaluska Community Fire Department and Charles Wood, Fire Chief of Junaluska Community Fire Department Board – ATTACHMENT 6

2. Haywood County Schools – Application to Public School Building Capital Fund for ADM projects with County budgeted match – Tracy Hargrove, Haywood County Schools – ATTACHMENT 7

3. Haywood Community College – Administrative Services Building

a. Change Order #2 – Bill Dechant, Director of Campus Development – ATTACHMENT 8

b. Budget Amendment – $19,284 – Julie Davis – ATTACHMENT 9

4. Approval of annual buyout property lease agreements – Claire Carleton, Recreation Director – ATTACHMENT 10

5. Resolution providing for electronic listing and extending the time for filing electronic listings of personnel property for property tax purposes – David Francis, Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 11

6. Request to incorporate Parcel 8613-29-7916 into the Upper Chestnut Grove Road Service District – David Francis – ATTACHMENT 12

7. Child Fatality Prevention Team (CFPT) – Appointment of Ms. Tara Keilberg, Executive Director of KARE (Kids’ Advocacy Resource Effort) to the CFPT – Carmine Rocco, Health Director – ATTACHMENT 13

8. Child Fatality Prevention Team Report – Carmine Rocco – ATTACHMENT 14

9 Multijurisdictional Public Safety CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and MDIS (Mobile Data Information System) – Kristy Lanning, Director of Technology and Communications

a. Update on the CAD and MDIS project

b. Request approval of Intergovernmental Agreement – ATTACHMENT 15

X.        Closed Session

1. Attorney / Client Privilege – G.S. §143-318.11(a)(3)

2. Personnel - G.S. §143-318.11(a)(6)

XI.       Adjournment