The following forms are to be used for any claims EXCEPT Worker's Compensation- which is county employees claims ( please continue to send those to Human Resources).

General Liability is to be used for injury to a person(excluding county employee) or damage to property(excluding Haywood County Property) caused by a product, slip ,trip ,fall ,injury or property damage on Haywood County Property. Any allegation of negligence that relates to Haywood County. Please fill out the form, with necessary information and forward to my office by e-mail or interoffice mail. I will contact the insurance company and file the claim.

Auto Loss is to be used to report a vehicle accident. Take precautions necessary to protect the scene from further accidents. Contact the POLICE, be courteous, answer police questions, and obtain a police report. Give identifying information to the other party- this information is located on the insurance card that should be in all county vehicles.   Make no comment assuming responsibility. If someone is injured request medical assistance, if an fire is involved request the fire department aid. Please fill out form, with necessary information and forward to my office by e-mail or intercompany mail. I will contact the insurance company and file the claim.

Property Loss is to be used for county property- if a building suffers fire, windstorms, water etc., or other property loss. Please take emergency measures to protect property from further damage. Please CONTACT DALE BURRIS(Facility & Maintenance Dept.) at cell phone 226-2501 and Vickie M Cagle(Finance Dept.) office phone 356-2614. If you are unable to contact Dale or Vickie, please contact the county manager's office 452-6625.   DO NOT THROW AWAY DAMAGED ITEMS UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO DALE OR VICKIE. SAVE ALL INVOICES, RECEIPTS FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS, AND BRING THOSE TO THE FINANCE OFFICE.

If you have any questions, please contact Vickie Cagle at 356-2614 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please make sure your forms are accessible in case they are needed, and are kept in a place where all personnel that are responsible for this duty may find the correct form needed.   Please fill out necessary paperwork and get that to my office as soon as possible after the incident. The form can be e-mailed, delivered in person or faxed . The forms are also located on the Haywood County Government employee intranet site.

EMERGENCY - If Incident occurs during weekends, holidays, before 8am or after 5pm- ONLY CALL IN HERE- if the incident cannot wait until the next day the office is open. CONTACT OUR AGENT ELLIOTT TEAGUE   CELL 828 381-4087