2016 Schedule of Values, Standards, and Rules



Section A. Statutory Requirements

Section B. Appraisal Theory and Property Valuation Techniques

Section C. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Section D. IAAO Mass Appraisal Standards

Section E. Data Inventory

Section F. Estimating Replacement Cost New

Section G. Residential Pricing Schedules

Section H. Commercial-Industrial Pricing Schedules

Section I. Solar Farms

Section J. Mobile Home Parks

Section K. Golf Courses

Section L. Commercial-Industrial Income Models

Section M. Section 42 Housing

Section N. For - Profit Cemeteries

Section O. Other Building and Yard Items Pricing Schedules

Section P. Depreciation and Percent Good Tables

Section Q. Land Schedules

Section R. Present Use Schedules

Section S. Neighborhood Delineation

Section T. Zoning Codes and Maps

Section U. Statistics and the Appraisal Process

Section V. Structual Components

Section W. Real and Personal Property Guidelines

Section X. Standard Review Procedures

Section Y. Weights and Measures

Section Z. Terms and Definitions