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Intranet - New Kronos V8

Web-time clocking instructions


On the computer assigned to you for clocking in and out, click on the icon for Kronos.


If there is no icon on your desktop, here is the link: http://haytime/wfc/applications/wtk/html/ess/quick-ts.jsp 

You will need to create an icon by clicking on the link above, then choosing file, send, shortcut to desktop. This will place an icon on your desktop. If you receive a “Java” error at this time, please contact your I.T. Department. 


You will see a page asking for user name and password.



If this is your first time logging into Kronos, your user name is firstname.lastname. The password is kronos.

Once you have correctly entered this information, you will see a page asking you to change your password. 

 This is where you will change the password to something you can remember. You will enter “kronos” in the old password field, then enter your new password in the new password and verify password boxes.  

If done correctly, you will get a message confirming that your password change was successful. You will then see a logon screen.  


Now, you are ready to create your first time stamp.


This is the process you will repeat each time you clock in and out.  

  1. Double-click the Kronos icon on your desktop.
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Click the Record Time Stamp Button.
  4. Close the Browser window.