INFORMAL NOTICE


                            HAYWOOD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS          



On two previous occasions, the Haywood County Board of Commissioners has advertised for sealed bids for the purchase of two properties known as the Fisk Property (Deed Book 417, Page 478) and the Haywood Mountain Home Property (Deed Book 459, Page 1800.  Since expiration of the time for offering sealed bids, several parties have come forward expressing an interest in purchasing these properties. 


At the Haywood County Board of Commissioners meeting held on August 7, 2010, the board resolved to attempt to sell these properties pursuant to GS 160A-269 "Negotiated offer, advertisement, and upset bids." 


Therefore, pursuant to the aforesaid statute, this is to provide informal notice that between the date of publication of this notice and 5 PM September 28, 2010, the County Manager will meet with those parties who come forward and express an interest in purchasing either of these properties, and will attempt to negotiate or receive an offer to purchase. All offers will be subject to the approval of the Haywood County Board of Commissioners at their October 4, 2010 regular meeting, at which time the amount of the offer being proposed will be disclosed.  Other offers will not be disclosed.


If the Board of Commissioners proposes to accept any offer at such meeting, the prospective purchaser shall post a 5% deposit with the County Clerk.  Thereafter, the County Clerk shall publish a notice of the offer which will state that the offer is subject to an upset bids pursuant to GS 160A-269.  The bid must be raised by not less than ten percent (10%) of the first one thousand dollars ($1,000) and five percent (5%) of the remainder.  For a bid to be raised, the bidder must deposit with the County Clerk five percent (5%) of the increased bid.  Thereafter, the County Clerk shall re-advertise the offer at the increased bid amount.  This procedure shall be repeated until no further qualifying upset bids are received at which time the Board of Commissioners may accept the offer and sell the property to the highest bidder.  The Board of Commissioners may at any time reject any and all offers.


David Cotton

Haywood County Manager