Commissioners Agenda for July 12th Print




July 12, 2010



The Board will meet in the HAYWOOD COUNTY COURTROOM

of the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE at 215 N. Main Street, Waynesville

beginning at 9:00 a.m.



Citizens must sign up for public comment prior to 8:50 a.m. and are limited

to three (3) minutes.  Audience members may not address the Board at any time

during deliberations unless recognized by the Chairman.




I.          Call to Order – Chairman J.W. “Kirk” Kirkpatrick, III


II.         Pledge of Allegiance


III.       Call to Public Hearing – Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) Application

            Susan Anderson, Haywood Transit Director of Transportation – ATTACHMENT 1


IV.       Public Comment Session


V.        Constituent Concerns   


VI.       Discussion / Adjustment / Approval of Consent Agenda


VII.      Consent Agenda

  1. Approve, June 28th, 2010 Regular Meeting Minutes
  2. 2010 – 2011 Budget Amendment –  Pat Hyatt, Haywood County Social Services Business Officer – $87,204 – D.O.D. Food and Nutrition program – ATTACHMENT 2
  3. Approve April 2010 Refunds, Releases, Amendments and Discoveries - David Francis, Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 3

VIII.     Administrative / Agency Reports

  1. Water Quality Efforts in the Pigeon River Watershed – Eric Romaniszyn, Executive
  2. Solid Waste Update – Stephen King, Solid Waste Director

IX.       Old Business

            Jonathan Creek Park Master Plan – Claire Stewart, Recreation Director – ATTACHMENT 4


X.        New Business

  1. Town of Canton – Request for County to temporarily assume Building Inspections   Al Matthews, Town Manager
  2. Consolidated Waste Services (CWS) Hauling Contract – Stephen King, Solid Waste Director – ATTACHMENT 5
  3. Property Tax Commission Appeal – David Francis, Tax Administrator - ATTACHMENT 6
  4. Appointment of Assistant Tax Assessor – David Francis
  5. Appointment of Deputy Tax Collector – David Francis
  6. Abandonment Road Petition - State Road 1828 – Kris Boyd, County Planner  - ATTACHMENT 7
  7. Addition Road Petition - Eddie’s Trail – Kris Boyd – ATTACHMENT 8
  8. Waiver of Tipping Fees – United Way Day of Caring – Celesa Willett, Executive Director – ATTACHMENT 9
  9. Community Connections Revised Memorandum of Understanding – Victoria Young, Haywood Community Connections Director – ATTACHMENT 10
  10. Board Members – David Cotton, County Manager
    a. Haywood Community  College Board of Trustees – ATTACHMENT 11
    b. Agriculture and Activities Board – ATTACHMENT 12
    c. Waynesville Board of Zoning and Adjustment
    d. Health Board – ATTACHMENT 13
    e. Social Services Board – ATTACHMENT 14
    f. Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee
  11. Designation of Clerk to the Board – Chairman Kirkpatrick

XI.       Adjournment