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June 6, 2016

The Board will meet in the HAYWOOD COUNTY COURTROOM

of the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE at 215 N. Main Street, Waynesville

beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Citizens must sign up for public comment prior to 8:50 a.m. and are limited

to three (3) minutes. Audience members may not address the Board at any time

                                         during deliberations unless recognized by the Chairman.



             I. Call to Order – Chairman Mark S. Swanger

            II.  Pledge of Allegiance

           III. Call of Special Information Meeting of Members of the Public

                 Call of Special Information Meeting of Members of the Public regarding securing a loan from

                 Rural Development, United States Department of Agriculture to obtain sufficient funds for

                 paying for and equipping of an Animal Services Facility – Julie Davis, Finance Director –

                    ATTACHMENT 1


         IV.   Call for a Public Hearing

                 Call for a Public Hearing regarding securing an interim construction loan for the construction

                 and equipping of an Animal Services Facility – Julie Davis, Finance Director


           V. Administrative/Agency Reports


          VI. Public Comment Session


         VII. Constituent Concerns

        VIII. Discussion /Adjustment to Agenda



          IX. Consent Agenda

                 1. Approve May 16, 2016 regular meeting minutes


                 2. Budget amendments – Julie Davis, Finance Director

                     a.   General Fund - $ 430,581 – increased revenue from various sources to cover

                           departmental expenditures through the end of the fiscal year – ATTACHMENT 2

                     b.   General Fund – Human Services – JCPC - $37,511 – additional funding from the state

                           Department of Public Safety for youth programs – ATTACHMENT 3

                     c.   Special Revenue Fund – Fire Districts - $129,310 – additional taxes expected to be

                                collected and paid to district though June 30 ATTACHMENT 4


                  3. Request approval of an authorizing resolution regarding negotiating the interim

                      construction installment financing contract and providing for certain other related matters

                           related to the Animal Services building project – ATTACHMENT 5


           X. Old Business

                   1. Request approval of the Carrying of Concealed Weapons and Displaying of Firearms

                       Ordinance – Ira Dove, County Manager – ATTACHMENT 6


                   2. Request approval of the County Grounds Use Ordinance – Ira Dove, County Manager –

                       ATTACHMENT 7



          XI. New Business  

                   1. Request approval of Blue Ridge National Heritage contract with JB Media Group, LLC

                       for additional marketing work in the amount of $15,000 to be paid 80% from a Federal

                       Highways Grant and 20% from the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, Inc. through partner

                           matches – BRNHA Executive Director, Angie Chandler ATTACHMENT 8


                  2. Request approval of the Town of Maggie Valley, Town of Canton and Lake Junaluska

                      Assembly’s annual fireworks displays – Andrew Messer, Asst. Fire Marshal

3. Request approval of Resolution Of The County Of Haywood, North Carolina Declaring

                      Surplus And Authorizing For Disposal Using Private Sale related to an enclosed trailer no

                      longer needed by Emergency Management to be sold to Haywood Community College by

                         private sale for $3,000 - Greg Shuping, Emergency Management Director ATTACHMENT 9


4. Request approval of the Winthrop operating lease renewal and upgrade of equipment at end

    of current lease.  This includes IT upgrades at Paragon Parkway including hardware, software

    and professional services for a 42 month lease term beginning May 2016.  The lease payments

    of $8,560 per month will be a shared cost among IT, Health, and Social Services. - Lori Tomlin,

    Technology & Communications Director – ATTACHMENT 10


                  5. Request approval of E-rate funds in the amount of $11,516.64 to be used for the purchase

                      of a computer switch, software and materials (books) – Sharon Woodrow, Library Director –

                          ATTACHMENT 11


                  6. Request approval of budget amendment – Library – E-rate funding - $11,517 – Julie Davis,

                      Finance Director – ATTACHMENT 12


 7. Request approval of Memorandum of Understanding between the Department Of The Interior

     National Park Service, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Haywood County, North

     Carolina - Sheriff Greg Christopher – ATTACHMENT 13


                   8. Request approval of Inter-governmental Mutual Aid Agreement with Hendersonville Police

                       Department – Sheriff Greg Christopher – ATTACHMENT 14


                   9. Request approval of Mutual Assistance Agreement with Asheville Police Department –

                       Sheriff Greg Christopher – ATTACHMENT 15


                 10. Request approval of Resolution Adopting A Policy For Mutual Assistance With Other Law

                       Enforcement Agencies – Sheriff Greg Christopher – ATTACHMENT 16


                 11. Request approval to change the Health and Human Service Agency Dental Clinic schedule

                       from a five day/eight hour work week to a four day/ten hour work week – Stoney Blevins,

                       HHSA Director/Assistant County Manager


                 12. Request approval of Philanthropic Naming Rights Policy – Ira Dove, County Manager –

                       ATTACHMENT 17


                 13. Request approval of the naming rights capital campaign for the Animal Services building and

                       approval of the proposed naming rights plan for said campaign – Doyle Teague, Animal Services

                       Director – ATTACHMENT 18   



         XII. Closed Session

                 Attorney/Client Privilege §143-318.11(a)(3)

                 Closed Session Minutes §143-318.11(a)(1)

                 Personnel §143-318.11(a)(6)



         XIII. Adjournment