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The Department of Social Services has the responsibility to cooperate with the American Red Cross, State and Local authorities when the decision is made to open emergency shelters due to disaster.  Disasters may include but are not limited to floods, blizzards and chemical explosions.  The decision to open a shelter is made by the Emergency Management Coordinator under delegated authority of the Chairman of the County Commissioners.

Assignment to a Shelter Management Team is determined by the Director with input by members of the Leadership Team and may include any staff member who does not have small children or elderly/disabled family members or medical conditions that would cause a barrier to serving on one of these teams.  Any employee of the Department of Social Services who has not been excluded from participate by the Director is expected to serve on the shelter team when notified by team captains or Leadership Team staff.

Time worked in a shelter will be considered as work time and will be compensated accordingly. 

Co-chairs will schedule periodic trainings for new and existing staff as needed.