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During a May 5th Work Session, Assistant County Manager Marty Stamey and Finance Director Julie Davis presented a draft of the recommended County Budget for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 to the Board of County Commissioners.


The proposed $65,934,562 budget represents a 2.5 percent decrease from the revised $67,614,845 budget for the current fiscal year. The budget does not include a property tax increase and proposes a reduction in the County Work Force of approximately 2.4 Full-Time Equivalent positions funded through the County’s General Fund*; and approximately 15 Full-Time Equivalent positions in the Solid Waste Department, funded by Solid Waste Fund 24**.


Other recommendations proposed by the County’s Solid Waste Committee and presented in the proposed budget include:

  • Contracting out the operation of the County’s 10 Convenience Centers to a private enterprise, at a projected cost savings of $145,192;
  • Closing the pick line at the County’s Materials Recovery Facility and hauling recyclables, other than fiber and metal, to another county at a projected cost savings of $286,166; and
  • A possible increase in the Solid Waste Availability Fee of up to $22 to cover the cost of opening a new cell at the White Oak Landfill. This recommendation is down from $40, based on the projected savings from privatizing Convenience Center operations and closing the MRF pick line.

Commissioners also discussed another recommendation from the Solid Waste Committee to close the Transfer Station in Clyde in the fall of 2010, resulting in an annualized savings of about $940,000. The exact date of the recommended closing will depend on the completion of improvements to the White Oak Landfill to accommodate additional vehicular traffic and to segregate citizens from hazardous areas.


This recommendation was not included in the draft of the proposed budget presented to commissioners during the work session due to the uncertainty of the actual closure date, but is expected to be considered before the availability fee is finalized.


The current availability fee is $70 per household. The County’s Solid Waste Committee is currently researching other options that could prevent an increase in the availability fee and plans to present those to the Board of Commissioners as soon as possible. The availability fee does not have to be set until August, before tax bills go out in September.


  1. An estimated collection of about $36.4 million in property tax revenue based on a total collection rate of 95.69%;
  2. An estimated collection of almost $10.8 million in sales tax revenue, a decline of 4.1 percent from the current fiscal year budget;

  3. About $297,000 in revenue from permits and fees, an estimated decline of more than 24 percent from the current fiscal year budget.

  1. No changes in current Employee Benefits. A one percent increase in Merit pay will be allocated to each department;
  2. Continuation of the County’s current Health Insurance benefits, with the addition of some optional features for employees, including Health Savings Accounts;
  3. Continue current funding levels for Haywood County Schools for Haywood County Schools and Haywood Community College.

The proposed budget is expected to be formally presented to the Board of Commissioners during their regular meeting at 5:30 p.m., Monday, May 17 in the Historic Courtroom of the Haywood County Courthouse. Before the recommendations presented on May 5 are finalized and the budget is approved, a Public Hearing will be held for commissioners to receive public input. The date for a Public Hearing will be set during the May 17 meeting.


Following is a link to the budget information present to commissioners during the work session.


Draft of Recommended County Budget for FY2010-11


* The General Fund includes all property and sales tax revenues, restricted and unrestricted intergovernmental fees, permits and fees, sales and services and investment earnings
** Solid Waste Fund 24 includes revenue generated by the availability fee and tipping fees and recycling