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This unit helps to prepare a household for employment and to reduce barriers preventing employment and to work with children who are cared for by non-parents (“child-only” cases) via the Work First Program and other related programs. There must be children under the age of 18 in the home. The Social Worker works with the family to prepare them for the work environment.  This program is not an entitlement program.

150% Job Retention Assistance:

This is designed for temporary immediate assistance.  There must be children in the home under the age of 18.  There must be at least one family member working.  The family must meet income guidelines.  There must be a barrier to employment that needs immediate attention.  Example would be a client just started to work and will not get paid for 2 weeks and needs gas for transportation to work.  This program is not an entitlement program.

Job Development Specialist:

Contract employee from ESC who specializes in helping clients with Job Readiness Assessments; Employability Assessments; Guided Job Search; Registration for Unemployment Benefits and Employment Registration with the Employment Security Commission.

Community Crisis Management Fund (CCM):

The CCM fund provides short term assistance during an immediate crisis to eligible applicants within the community.  Applicants must meet income and reserve guidelines.  Social worker will apply prudent judgment to evaluate each emergency situation, as to whether the client created the emergency and if the assistance will alleviate the emergency.  Assistance will be limited to $300 within a 12-month period.  Assistance may be provided for temporary shelter, transportation to maintain employment, to prevent eviction, etc.  Other requests are considered with assistance depending upon the assessment of the EA worker and the Supervisor.  The applicant must meet the Work First eligibility requirements.

Family Unification Program:

This program is designed for families that have an emergency housing need.  There must be children in the home under the age of 18.  There must be source of regular income.  The applicant must have been a resident of Haywood County for at least 6 months.  A family can only receive FUP one time.  There must be one of 3 criterion met:

  1. A family is homeless, placing the child (ren) in a condition of endangerment.
  2. Loss of housing due to immediate danger of eviction.
  3. The current lack of adequate housing would place the children in danger of placement in out-of-home care or the delay in discharge of the children from out of home care.