If you’d like to get rid of old paint cans, insecticides and other common household hazardous waste taking up space around your home, Haywood County wants to help you dispose of it properly.


The county Solid Waste Department is sponsoring Household Hazardous Waste Day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, March 13 at the County Office Building located at 81 Elmwood Way in Waynesville. Citizens may bring paint, paint thinner, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, old fuel, antifreeze, used oil, old cleaners, aerosol cans, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and any other toxic household products. In addition to hazardous materials, citizens may also bring outdated medications.


Solid Waste Director Stephen King said he is excited to be sponsoring Household Hazardous Waste Day because it will not only provide a service to citizens, but will allow many of the toxic materials collected to be recycled as opposed to contaminating the environment.


“This is a first for Haywood County and I’m hoping it will be a tremendous success,” King said. “It is not only a good opportunity for our citizens, but it’s good for our community, because it helps protect our environment. The contractor we’re working with to pick up the materials we collect that day is an expert in how to recycle them.”


For example, the paint collected will be recycled, as will the corrosive cleaners and flammable/combustible materials.


“On average, more than 90 percent of the wastes collected will be recycled,” said Denese Ballew, Environmental Programs Manager. “The oil-based paint will be used as fuel for a cement kiln and the latex paint will be used as a landfill alternative daily cover called posi-shell. The household corrosive cleaners will be used for pH adjustment @ a wastewater treatment plant. The flammable/combustible materials will be blended and used as fuel for the cement kiln as well.”


The household wastes that cannot be recycled include pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and lawn care products. These materials will be incinerated, Ballew said.


The idea for Household Hazardous Waste Day came from the successful Spring Clean-Up the county began sponsoring in 2007.


“We noticed that several people had toxic materials that they wanted to get rid of, but weren’t able to accept them because we didn’t have the means to dispose of them properly,” King said.


Only residential materials will be collected for Household Hazardous Waste Day. Waste from businesses will not be accepted. The County Office Building is located next to the former Bargains Building on Russ Ave. in Waynesville. Signs will be posted to direct traffic to where materials will be collected.


For more information, contact Haywood County Solid Waste at 828-627-8042.


For more information, contact:
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