Home Departments Tax Collector Classifications-Real v Personal
Classifications-Real v Personal Print
Real Personal Description
XX   Air Conditioning - Building
  XX Air Conditioning - Manufacturing
  XX Air Conditioning - Window Unit
  XX Alarm Systems & Wiring - Security & Fire
  XX Asphalt Plants
XX   Auto Exhaust Systems for Building
  XX Auto Exhaust Systems for Equipment
  XX Awnings
  XX Balers (carboard, paper)
  XX Bank Teller Counters
  XX Bank Teller Lockers Moveable or Built-In
  XX Bar and Bar Equipment Moveable or Built-In
XX   Barns
  XX Billboards
  XX Boats and Motors
  XX Boiler - Primarily for Process
  XX Bowling Alley Lanes
  XX Broadcasting Equipment
  XX CIP Equipment
  XX Cabinets
  XX Cable TV Distribution systems, equipment & wiring & subscriber connection
  XX Camera Equipment
  XX Canopies, Fabric, Vinyl & Plastic
XX   Canopies - Generally
XX   Canopy Lighting
  XX Car Wash Equipment, filters & tanks
XX   Carpet Installed
XX   Catwalks
  XX Cement Plants
  XX Chairs
  XX Closed Circuit TV
  XX Cold Storage - Equipment, Rooms, Partitions
  XX Compressed Air or Gas Systems - other than building heat
  XX Computer Equipment, printers, scanners
  XX Concrete Plant
  XX Construction, Grading & Excavating Equipment
  XX Control Systems - Building & Equipment
  XX Conveyor & Material Handling Systems
XX   Coolers - Walk-in or Self-Standing
  XX Cooling Towers - Primary use in manufacturing
  XX Counters/Reception Desks - Moveable or Built-In
  XX Dairy Processing Plants - All Process Items, Bins Tanks
  XX Dance Floors
  XX Data Processing Equipment - All Items
  XX Deli Equipment
  XX Desk - All
  XX Diagnostic Center Equipment
  XX Display Cases Moveable or Built-in
  XX Drapes, Curtains & Blinds
  XX Drink Machines, Fountains
  XX Drive-Thru Windows
  XX Drying Systems - Processing
  XX Dumpsters
  XX Dust Catchers, Control Systems
  XX Electronic Control Systems
XX   Elevators
  XX Farm Equipment - All
  XX Fencing - inside
XX   Fencing - outside
  XX Freight Charges
  XX Fuels - not for sale
  XX Furnaces - Processing
  XX Furniture & Fixtures
XX   Gazebos
XX   Golf Course Improvements (Irrigation)
XX   Grain Bins
  XX Greenhouse Benches, Heating System
XX   Greenhouses - only if structure is permanent
  XX Heating Systems - used for processing
  XX Hotel/Motel Televisions and furnishings
  XX Humidifiers - used in processing
  XX Incinerators - movable
  XX Industrial Piping - Processing
  XX Installation Costs
  XX Irrigation Equipment
  XX Kilns - moveable
  XX Laboratory Equipment
  XX Laudromat Equipment
  XX Law & Professional Libraries
  XX Leased Equipment - Lessor or Lessee Possession
  XX Lifts
  XX Lighting - special, moveable
XX   Lighting - outside pole
  XX Machinery & Equipment
  XX Medical Equipment
  XX Mirrors
  XX Monitoring Systems
  XX Mowers
  XX Newspaper Stands
  XX Night Depository
  XX Office Equipment
  XX Office Supplies
  XX Oil Company Equipment - pumps
  XX Ovens
  XX Package And Labeling Equipment
  XX Paging Systems
  XX Pint Spray Booth
  XX Partitions
XX   Paving
  XX Playground Equipment
  XX Portable Buildings
  XX Power Generator Systems (Auxiliary, Emergency, etc)
  XX Public Address Systems (music, intercom, etc)
  XX Refrigeration Systems
XX   Repairs - Building
  XX Repairs - Equipment
  XX Restaurant Equipment including vent hoods, sinks
XX   Roofing
  XX Room Dividers/Partitions - moveable or built in
  XX Safes - wall or self standing
  XX Sales/Use Tax
  XX Satellite Dishes - wiring & intallation to TV & Equip
XX   Scale Houses - unless moveable
  XX Scales
  XX Security Systems
  XX Service Station Equipment
XX   Sewer Systems
  XX Shelving
  XX Signage - All types
  XX Sinks - kitchen area
  XX Software
  XX Sound Sytems
  XX Spare Parts
  XX Speakers - Built-in or Free-standing
  XX Spray Booths
  XX Sprinkler System - attached to product storage racks
XX   Sprinkler System - Building
  XX Supplies (office & other)
XX   Swimming Pools
  XX Tanks - above & below ground
  XX Telephone Sytems & Wiring
  XX Theatre Screens
  XX Theatre Seats
  XX Tooling , Dies, Molds
  XX Towers, Microwave, Equipment, Wiring
  XX Towers - TV, Radio, CATV, Two-way radio, Wiring
  XX Upgrades to equipment
  XX Vacuum System, Process
XX   Vault
  XX Vault Door, Inner Gates, Vents & Equipment
  XX Vending Machines
  XX Vent Fans
XX   Ventilation Systems - Building
  XX Ventilation Systems - used for manufacturing process
  XX Video Tapes, Movies
XX   Wallcovering
  XX Walls - Partitions, moveable & room dividers
  XX Water Coolers
  XX Water Tanks & System - to process
  XX Whirlpools, Jacuzzi & Hot Tubs
  XX Wiring - Power for machinery & equipment