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FY2009-10 Budget

In June 2009, the Haywood County Board of County Commissioners approved a Fiscal Year 2009-10 Budget of $64,796,424, down from a budget of $70,226,546 in FY2008-09. The approved budget included the following:

  • A property tax increase of 1.7 cents per $100 of value. For example, the tax increase on a home valued at $145,000 will be $24.65 annually;
  • A reduction in the county's workforce of 32 Full Time Equivalent positions.
  •  A reduction in benefits to county employees, including no cost of living increase, no 401(k) match from the county, and elimination of a Christmas bonus, among others;
  • No contributions to county nonprofit agencies, except where mandated by contract; and
  • Reduced funding to Haywood County Schools and Haywood Community College

Following is a list of documents related to the Approved Fiscal Year 2009-10:

FY2009-2010 Budget Message

2009-10 Budget Ordinance

Budget Document


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