What Can I Recycle?



All types of household batteries may be recycled by placing them in a bag and handing them to an attendant at any of our 10 convenience centers.


Cooking Oil

Bring your used cooking oil to any of our 10 convenience centers around the county or to the Materials Recovery Facility in Clyde and support two biodiesel demonstration projects now getting underway at Haywood Community College. The oil will be processed and used as a fuel source for diesel vehicles.

To recycle cooking oil, citizens are asked to pour it into a clean plastic container with a lid, such as anempty cooking oil bottle or milk jug. The best containers are ones with a handle and a lid, such as a clean, empty cat litter bucket. The cooking oil container should be kept separate from other recyclables and handed to an attendant at the convenience centers and MRF.

For optimal use in converting to diesel fuel, we recommend that you bring your cooking oil frequently instead of letting it collect for a long time.



Bring your old television sets to the Haywood County Materials Recovery Facility in Clyde anytime during normal operating hours. The glass will be crushed so the lead can be taken out, and all the plastic and electronics will be recycled. 


Other items accepted for recycling include:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Catalogs, magazines, newspapers, telephone books, third class mail and other paper products, such as grocery bags
  • Yard Plastics (lawn furniture and children's toys)
  • Sheetrock
  • Corrugated cardboard and household cardboard boxes (cereal, cracker, cake mix)
  • Plastic bottles and jugs (including shampoo and detergent bottles)
  • Steel cans
  • Clear, green and amber glass bottles and jars
  • Used electronics, including old televisions, computers, monitors, printers and keyboards, VCRs and DVD players, small peripherals (such as cameras, PDAs and other devices that can be plugged into a computer), phone equipment, video/audio equipment, network equipment and test equipment.. THESE PRODUCTS ARE ONLY ACCEPTED AT MATERIALS RECOVERY CENTER, NOT AT CONVENIENCE CENTERS.

In addition to rechargeable batteries and car batteries, you can now bring household batteries to the convenience centers and MRF to be recycled. All you have to do is place them in a separate bag or container and give them an attendant. The batteries should be kept inside out of the weather.