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Board of Commissioners - Minutes

REGULAR MEETING – October 6, 2008


Chairman Larry R. Ammons convened the regular meeting of the Haywood County Board of Commissioners at 9:00 a.m. in the County Commissioners’ Meeting Room at the Haywood County Justice Center, Waynesville, North Carolina, with Chairman Larry R. Ammons, Vice-Chairman J.W. “Kirk” Kirkpatrick, III, Commissioners Charles “Skeeter” Curtis, Mary Ann Enloe and Bill Upton present. Staff members present were County Manager David B. Cotton, Assistant County Manager Marty Stamey, County Attorney Leon M. “Chip” Killian, III, Public Information Officer David Teague, Finance Director Julie Davis, and Administrative Assistant Rebecca Morgan.


Chairman Ammons led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Enloe offered the invocation.


Mike Poore, Chief Executive Officer of HRMC, approached the Board. Mr. Poore shared that he received his undergraduate degree from Auburn University, and his masters in Business Administration from the University of South Alabama. Mr. Poore stated that he expects to put a plan into action for HRMC within the next ninety days. The plan should match the strategy with the situation, and achieve alignment so that the hospital is aligned with the physicians, community and every aspect with healthcare in Haywood County. Mr. Poore shared his intent to have a full and permanent leadership team. Mr. Poore advised that the community’s support is appreciated and requested that support continue for the physicians and staff.

Chairman Ammons explained that the hospital must continue to move forward and recover as quickly as possible. Chairman Ammons inquired as to what the citizens in our community could do in order to help the hospital during its recovery. Mr. Poore reiterated the importance of continued support for the physicians. 


Chairman Ammons opened the public comment session. Comments are generally limited to three minutes per individual, unless the speaker is representing a group for which the comment period may be extended to five minutes. Being no comment, Chairman Ammons closed the public comment section.


Chairman Ammons inquired if the Board of County Commissioners had any constituent concerns. Commissioners Enloe stated that she has received several inquiries regarding the salary and benefits that David Rice, former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Haywood Regional Medical Center, received. Commissioner Enloe explained that there seems to be a perception that the County Commissioners have some control over the salary amount allowed for the CEO. Commissioner Enloe explained that the hospital is operated by its own revenues, pays its staff from those revenues, and makes decisions regarding the hiring of its staff. Some citizens have expressed their frustrations with the lack of open communication. Commissioner Enloe advised citizens with questions regarding the hospital to contact the Hospital Authority Board of Commissioners.



Chairman Ammons inquired if the Board members had any adjustments to be made to the agenda. Chairman Ammons advised that the issue of the Crabtree Mountain Cellular tower lease addendum would not be presented at this time.


Commissioner Upton made a motion to adopt the consent agenda as presented. Commissioner Curtis seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Approve Minutes of September 22nd, 2008, Regular Meeting 

Budget Amendments as presented by Julie Davis, Finance Director

  • Administration - $6,200 – inserts for tax bills from contingency – To cover the cost of printing and inserting the county information in the tax bills.
  • DSS – Work First program - $28,000 – additional state funding – Enter Work First Functional Assessment Grant into the GL.
  • Health Department – WIC program $6,763 – additional state funding - Additional funds for WIC Program to be used for contract services.
  • Health Department – Women’ Health $3,694 – additional state funding - Additional funds from WCH / Women’s Health program to be used for contraception for individuals not covered by Medicaid.

Credit Card Issuance for Purchasing Manager – Julie Davis presented a request for a bank card agreement for Donna Woodruff, Purchasing Manager.


Smoky Mountain Center Quarterly Fiscal Report

 S.L. 2006-142 amended G.S. §122C-117(c) requires the Area Director and Area Authority Finance Officer to submit quarterly finance reports to the County Finance Officer, instead of submitting to each member of each board of County Commissioners participating in the Area  Authority. The County Finance Officer is then to submit the report to the Board of County Commissioners at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Julie Davis,  Finance Director, presented the quarterly report from Smoky Mountain Center.

Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC) Behavioral Health Unit (BHU)

Shelly Lackey, Community Relations Coordinator, and Doug Trantham, Services Director, presented an update on the HRMC BHU. The BHU is a 16 bed adult psychiatric in-patient program of HRMC managed by Smoky Mountain Center under contract. Care will be provided by psychiatrists, physician extenders, psychiatric nurses, clinical social workers and  community mental health assistance. Smoky Mountain Center will be the operator of this unit, under contract with Haywood Regional Medical Center. The center will begin operating with six beds. Once the clinical and administrative process has been satisfactorily reviewed, the unit will increase to nine beds. After adequate nursing staff has been reached the unit will have sixteen beds. Open house will be October 28th, 2008, at 4:00 pm.


Blaylock Salvage Yard Discussion

David Cotton, County Manager, and Tony Sexton, Hurricane Recovery Coordinator, explained that the State has given us clear direction as to the scope of work regarding the Phase II environmental assessment. A final price has not been negotiated. The State has not agreed to purchase the property and Mr. Blaylock has not agreed to a price. Mr. Cotton and Mr. Sexton have met with the appraiser and reviewed the methodology for appraisal. It is a dollar per dollar reduction on the appraised value for an environmental assessment and any clean up on the property.

Commissioner Curtis presented a brief history of the Blaylock property. In June 2006, the Board of County Commissioners inquired if money was available for the buyout of the Blaylock property.  The Schulhoefer and the Lancaster properties were going to be addressed through NCDOT. At that time there were five parcels in the Blaylock property that the County inquired about and those properties were appraised. The appraiser was the same one who appraised the other properties that were bought out after the flood of 2004. Mr. Blaylock’s brother and sister opted to pull out and not sell their property, which left Mr. Blaylock’s property for sale. The appraisal of his property was $450,000. There is a willing buyer and a willing seller. The tax payers of Haywood County have $8,600 invested in this project, which covered the appraisal of the five parcels of land. The Board approved that if we were successful with the buyout of this property, that money would come back to the County. Presently the County is in negotiations with the state concerning a required Phase II environmental assessment. The County has requested that the State fund the cost of the assessment. Commissioner Curtis stated that the taxpayers of Haywood County will not pay for the environmental assessment of that property. If the State does not provide the money for this, Haywood County will not pursue the buyout of this property further. However, if the State does provide money for the environmental assessment, the County will begin negotiating the purchase price of the property. Chairman Ammons requested that the media receive a copy of the time line that was presented by Commissioner Curtis. Commissioner Enloe requested an addition of the word “was” to the statement from the memo. This would cause the statement to read, “the Board of County Commissioners was asked”. Mr. Cotton confirmed that it would be added to the memo.


Fire Prevention Week Proclamation

Nolan Palmer, Fire Marshal, presented a proclamation for October 5th – 11th, 2008 to be declared “Fire Prevention week”. Mr. Palmer stressed the importance of installing smoke detectors in homes. Chairman Ammons read the proclamation.

Commissioner Curtis made a motion to adopt this proclamation. Commissioner Enloe seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Resolution Imposing a Gross Receipts Tax on Heavy Equipment in Lieu of Property Tax 

David Francis, Tax Administrator, presented, as pursuant to NC G.S. §105275(42a) and S.L.  2008-144, the resolution imposing a gross receipts tax on heavy equipment in lieu of property tax.

Commissioner Upton made a motion to adopt this resolution imposing a gross receipts tax on heavy equipment. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Solid Waste Convenience Centers

Ross W. Stuart presented a report for bidding on portable toilets. Mr. Stuart expressed his desire to present a bid request for the portable toilets located at the convenience centers. Chairman Ammons requested that the item of bidding procedures be placed on the agenda for the next regular Board meeting, October 20th, 2008.

National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding Resolution 

Suzanne Gernandt, President of the Haywood chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, (NAMI) approached the Board. Ms. Gernandt explained that NAMI provides support for families and for those who have mental illness. Commissioner Enloe explained that Mental Illness Awareness Week was established by Congress in 1990. Commissioner Enloe read the proclamation.

Commissioner Enloe made a motion to adopt this proclamation. Commissioner Upton seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
Town of Waynesville – Water Plant Roof Replacement
David Cotton, County Manager, explained that last year the Town of Waynesville began additions to their laboratory at their water plant. As a result they discovered additional repairs needed to be done on the roof. The Town of Waynesville has requested that the building permit fees be waived and that the Town itself be allowed to perform the inspections. 

Commissioner Upton made a motion to approve this request. Commissioner Enloe seconded and the motion carried unanimously.   

Board Appointments

David Cotton, County Manager, stated that there were two vacancies on the Haywood County Recreation Advisory Board; one must reside within District 2 which is the Jonathan Creek Township, Ivy Hill Township, Lake Junaluska CDP (part), Maggie Valley Township. One must reside in District 5 which is the Beaverdam Township, Canton Township, West Canton Township CDP (part). These two vacancies were advertised in “The Mountaineer”. Three applications were received: Charles (Bill) Schaefer, Waynesville, who qualifies for district two, Colin Edwards, Maggie Valley, who qualifies for district two and Albert Cline, Jr., Canton who qualifies for district five. Mr. Cline has expressed his desire to be reappointed to the board. His application and attendance records were presented. After discussion the Board agreed to interview Mr. Schaefer and Mr. Edwards.

Commissioner Enloe made a motion to approve Dr. Cline. Commissioner Upton seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Cotton stated that there are two vacancies on the Agricultural Advisory Board because terms  expired on September 30th. These two vacancies were advertised in “The Mountaineer”. Five members actively engaged in farming shall be selected for appointment by the Board of Commissioners from the names of individuals submitted by the Soil & Water Conservation District, the Cooperative Extension Service, the Agricultural Stabilization Conservation Service Committee, and the county Farm Bureau, with an effort to have the  broadest geographical representation possible. Matthew Rhea and Hugh Russell are farmers and have expressed their desire to be reappointed to the board. Applications and attendance records were attached.

Commissioner Enloe made a motion to approve Matt Rhae and Hugh Russell for these two openings on the Agricultural Advisory Board. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Cotton stated that there are four vacancies on the Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee. These vacancies were advertised in “The Mountaineer”. Peggy Robinson resigned. Pamela Hill, Judith Covin, and Betty Jo Coleman have expressed their desire to be reappointed. One application was received, Ms. Allene Irvin. These terms are for three years.

Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick made a motion to approve the three applicants for reappointment and the one applicant for completion for the unexpired term that being Ms. Allen Irvine of Clyde. Commissioner Upton seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Enloe requested clarification for the Agricultural Advisory Board. The applications listed the Farmland Preservation Board. Mr. Cotton confirmed that he would review the names of the boards.

 Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC) Board of Commissioner Members

Chairman Ammons stated that Hospital Board of Commissioner members, Jim Stevens and Bob Browning, have submitted their resignations. Glen White, Chairman of the Hospital Board of Commissioners, has formally advised that a nominating committee was appointed and will follow the procedures set forth in the local legislation and recommend to the Board of County Commissioners, candidates. The recommendations are to be submitted for consideration by October 15th, 2008. 


Commissioner Upton made a motion to enter into closed session for the purpose of Closed Session Minutes – Approval and / or Release Minutes – G.S. §143-318.11(a)(1), and Personnel – G.S. §143-318.11(a)(6). Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Return from Closed Session

The Board returned from closed session.

Commissioner Upton made a motion to approve the closed session minutes of September 22nd, but not release those at this point in time. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Enloe made a motion to hire Mr. Dale Burris as Facilities Maintenance Director at the salary of $57,800 per year to begin October 20th. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Recreation Advisory Board Interview Schedule

After discussion the Board scheduled interviews with the two applicants for the Haywood County Recreation Advisory Board beginning at 3:30 pm, October 7th, 2008. In the event that the applicants cannot meet at that time an alternate date was set for October 20th, at 4:15 pm.


Chairman Ammons announced that the Board of County Commissioners will have a special meeting at 4:00 pm, on October 7th, 2008, to review items regarding the historic courthouse. This meeting has been advertised.

David Cotton, County Manager, announced that Baptist Children’s Home has given notice that they will no longer provide services at Haywood Mountain Home. A meeting with staff is scheduled to discuss options.

Haywood Regional Medical Center has given notice that they will concentrate on their core mission and that does not include providing service to the wellness center. Options regarding the wellness center will be presented at an upcoming meeting.

Commissioner Enloe announced that the Apple Festival will be held Saturday, October 18th, 2008. This will be a bicentennial event. The Church Street Fair will be held October 11th. On October 12th, Dr. Wally Brown will be celebrating his fiftieth year in medical practice, in the same place.


Commissioner Upton made a motion to adjourn. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously. The time of adjournment was 10:57 am. The DVD is attached by reference to the minutes.


David B. Cotton          Larry Ammons
CLERK                       CHAIRMAN