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RALEIGH – On Wednesday, May 21st, the residents and business community of Haywood County will have the opportunity to review and ask questions about preliminary copies of newly updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) developed for Haywood County, situated in the French Broad River Basin.  The maps will be on display beginning at 5:30 p.m.; a presentation on the material will begin at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be at the Regional High Technology Center at 112 Industrial Drive in Waynesville. 

Digital versions of the preliminary maps for the Haywood County are currently available for public review by contacting your local planning department or searching the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping website at www.ncfloodmaps.com.  Haywood County residents who visit the site will find an ‘address locator tool’ to help them locate individual properties and see their relationship to mapped flood prone areas.  Other tools are available to assist them with viewing and downloading digital data from the website.


The May 21st public meeting provides an opportunity for Haywood County residents to see the results of the advanced digital technology used to create the new flood maps.  County and local officials will be on hand to help residents locate particular properties on the maps and determine their level of flood risk.  Representatives from the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program and North Carolina Floodplain Management will make short presentations on the map production process, features of the new maps, how they can be used to reduce future losses due to flooding, and their connection with flood insurance and floodplain management.  Attendees may also see a demonstration of the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Information System.  Following the presentation, state and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representatives will be available to answer questions about the mapping process, flood insurance coverage, and floodplain management topics. 

Haywood County new Flood Insurance Rate Maps were produced by the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety under a unique partnership with FEMA.  The partnership agreement, signed in September 2000, assigns to the department the primary responsibility for creating and maintaining all Flood Insurance Rate Maps for North Carolina.  The effort to remap the state’s floodplains was spurred by the devastation caused by Hurricane Floyd, which flooded large areas of eastern North Carolina and left thousands of people homeless.  This disaster highlighted North Carolina’s vulnerability to natural disasters and the need for accurate, up-to-date floodplain maps.

For more information, contact  Kris Boyd, Haywood County Planning Director, 828-452-6632, or Randy Mundt, Outreach Planner with the State Mapping Program, 919-715-5711 ext. 119.

For more information, contact:
David Teague, Public Information Officer
Haywood County
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