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Board of Commissioners - Agendas



MAY 5, 2008


The Board will meet in the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS’ MEETING ROOM #3451 of the HAYWOOD COUNTY JUSTICE CENTER at 285 N. Main Street, Waynesville beginning at 9:00 a.m.


Citizens must sign up for public comment prior to 8:50 a.m. and are limited to three (3) minutes.  Audience members may not address the Board at any time during deliberations unless recognized by the Chairman.


I.          Call to Order – Chairman Larry Ammons

II.         Pledge of Allegiance

III.       Call to Public Hearing

Secondary Road Improvement Program – David Cotton, County Manager  ATTACHMENT 1

Revised Animal Control Ordinance – Jean Hazzard, Haywood Animal Control Director ATTACHMENT 2

IV.    Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC) Update – HRMC Representative

V.        Public Comment Session

VI.       Constituent Concerns

VII.      Discussion / Adjustment / Approval of Agenda

VIII.     Consent Agenda

1. Approve Minutes of March 28th, and April 11th, 2008 Special Meetings and April 21st, 2008 Regular Meeting

2. Resolution for Declaration of Surplus Property – Sandra Fortune, Purchasing Manager

A. Sale of Property via Electronic Auction – ATTACHMENT 3

B. Donation of Property to North Canton United Volunteer Fire Department - ATTACHMENT 4

3. Budget Amendments  – Julie Davis, Finance Director

A. Emergency Management - $5,605 – Emergency Management Performance Grant - ATTACHMENT 5

B. CJPP - $7,550 – New funds from the North Carolina Department of Corrections for    substance abuse treatment services – ATTACHMENT 6

C. Health Department – Adult Health and Family Planning - $2,636 – mini grants from Haywood County Schools – ATTACHMENT 7

D. Health Department – Adult Health - $381 – Appalachian District Health grant for F.I.S.H. program – ATTACHMENT 8

E. Detention Center - $140,000 – increased expense to house inmates, covered with         increased housing revenues from other counties and state – ATTACHMENT 9

F. Sheriff’s Office - $15,000 – controlled Substance Tax – Contract for    Comprehensive Policies and Procedural Manual Legal Update, Liability Review and Rewrite – ATTACHMENT 1

IX.       Administrative / Agency Reports

1. Haywood Community Connections – Victoria Young, Director, Shirley Topper, Information Central Coordinator and Yvonne Gold, Project Coordinator – Video Presentation

2. North Carolina Forest Services – Junior Ward, Haywood County Ranger – Power Point Presentation                 

            X.        Old Business

1. Slope Ordinance Revision – Mark Shumpert, County Engineer – ATTACHMENT 11

2. Child Safety Zone Ordinance – Claire Stewart, Recreation Director – ATTACMENT 12

3. Mountain Research Station Resolution – Commissioner Enloe – ATTACHMENT 13

4. Farmland Preservation Summary – David Cotton, County Manager ATTACHMENT 14

5. Tourism Development Authority (TDA) Board Subcommittee Member for the 28716 Zip Code – Scotty Medford-Ellis, Haywood County TDA Director – ATTACHMENT 15

6. Board Appointments – David Cotton, County Manager

A. Recreation Advisory Board – ATTACHMENT 16

B. Engineering Review Board – ATTACHMENT 17

C. Watershed Review Board – ATTACHMENT 18

D. Hospital Authority Board of Commissioners – Discussion and Next Steps                                        

XI.       New Business

1. Spring Clean-up – Stephen King, Solid Waste Director

2. Mountain Landscape Initiative Funding Request – Bill Gibson, Executive Director Region A Council of Government (COG) and Vicki Green – ATTACHMENT 19

3. Haywood County Schools – Annual Budget Presentation – Larry Smith, Haywood County School Finance Officer – ATTACHMENT 20

4. Peace Officer Appreciation Proclamation – David Cotton, County Manager  ATTACHMENT 21

XII.      Closed Session

A. Potential Litigation – G.S. §143-318.11.(a)(3)

B. Closed Session Minutes - Approval and / or Release Minutes - G.S. 143-318.11(a)(1)

XIII.     Adjournment