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Kronos Questions and Answers 

Can an employee have the ability to clock in by phone (tele-time) and pc (web-time)?Each employee will be assigned one method of clocking based upon location, phone, network, and computer access, as well as Kronos licensing restrictions.  

Who will provide employees training on the new procedures assigned to them for clocking in and out? When will this training be provided?The simple procedures for clocking in and out will be shared will all employees before we begin a parallel pay period. 

What documentation is required for manual time edits?Under normal circumstances, the manual time edit process must be initiated by the employee. All employees will have access to the standard Haywood County time edit sheet. Employee must complete and sign the time edit sheet to receive proper compensation.  

Will there be a limit on manual entries?There will not be a limit on manual entries, but remember that the employee should initiate an edit with a time edit sheet. The time edit sheet must precede any manual edit of timecard.   

Can you edit “in” and “out” punches? Can you make an “in” punch into an “out” punch? YES! YES! By right-clicking on a “punch” in the timecard view, and selecting edit punch, you can accomplish both of these items! 

I was confused about whether I am supposed to approve or sign-off.Department Heads will actually be doing BOTH!Department Heads are asked to approve employee’s time and then sign-off on the first Monday of the new pay period before 10:00 a.m. 

Will individual supervisors sign-off on their group, or does Department Head sign-off on the entire department?Supervisors may approve. Department Head (or designee) must Sign-off. 

How will signing-off work for me if it can not be done during the current pay period?Sign-off can not be completed during current pay period. If a Department Head knows he or she will not be available on the first Monday of the new pay period before 10:00 a.m., they will be asked to communicate this to payroll staff in advance. In the event of an emergency, payroll staff can perform the sign-off for you.  

When will begin using Kronos?We will begin using parallel systems (Kronos and Optima) within the next two weeks.  

What pay code will I choose for an employee taking leave without pay?There is a pay code in Kronos listed as No Pay to be used for leave without pay. 

I am confused about unexcused absences on timecards.Kronos has a scheduling feature which will allow managers to populate an employee’s schedule. If an employee is scheduled to work, but does not clock in, it will show in Kronos as an unexcused absence until a timecard edit is performed. Schedules may or may not have been populated during set up for your department.  

Will I have access to Employee People Record?No. People records may be viewed by Human Resources and payroll staff only.  

If an employee works 36 hours in the first week of the pay period, and 44 hours in the second week of the pay period, how are accruals affected for this pay period?For the standard M-F employee, then during the first week, accruals would have to be used to bring total hours to 40. The second week of the pay period, the employee will have earned comp or overtime.