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Java Requirements for Kronos

Kronos has strict requirements on the java version it requires to run. The correct version is 1.5.0_14. Please install the correct Java version on your computer using the instructions provided below.

  • Click on the following link (internal) \\hayfs01\java. If you receive an access error, stop, and email I.T.
  • Double-click the file tin the box.
  • The open file security warning dialog box will pop up.
  • Click on Run
  • The install wizard will appear in the bottom right corner and you will then see a progress bar begin to populate with green bars.
  • After the green progress bar is completely full, a J2SE Development Kit 5.0 Update License – 14 dialog box will pop up.
  • Click one time in the empty circle beside “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then click next.
  • At the next screen which will be the custom set up screen locate “demos” and click once on the drop down arrow beside it.
  • Click “Don’t install this feature now”.
  • Click the drop down arrow beside “Source Code” and then choose “Don’t install this feature now”.
  • Click Next
  • After the install is complete there will be another custom set up screen that will pop up.
  • Click Next
  • Be sure that Microsoft Internet Explorer is chosen and then click next.
  • The program will now continue to run and complete the installation process.
  • Click Finish.
  • Go to Internet Explorer and open the following web address:  http://haytime/wfc/logon
  • Once the screen loads you will be prompted for your username and password.
  • Log in to Kronos using the credentials provided to you.
  • Click the arrow pointing to the right which is located beside your password field (Or PRESS ENTER).
  • You will be taken to your “homepage” located inside of Kronos Workforce Central.
  • Minimize the window but do not close out.
  • Locate and right click the “little coffee cup” in your system tray which is down in the bottom right corner (where your system time is).
  • Click open control panel.
  • Click the update tab at the top of the window.
  • Clear the check mark beside “check for updates automatically”.
  • Once you do this another Java Warning popup will immediately appear.
  • Click never check.
  • Click ok to the Java Control Panel box and you are now ready and up to date to use Kronos.