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Canton was originally Cherokee Indian Territory. A post office first opened here in 1837 and the community at the time was named Pigeon River.
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July 20, 2015

The Board will meet in the HAYWOOD COUNTY COURTROOM

of the HISTORIC COURTHOUSE at 215 N. Main Street, Waynesville

beginning at 5:30 p.m.


Citizens must sign up for public comment prior to 5:20 p.m. and are limited

to three (3) minutes. Audience members may not address the Board at any time

during deliberations unless recognized by the Chairman.


I.  Call to Order – Chairman Mark S. Swanger


II.  Pledge of Allegiance


III. Public Hearing

     Consideration of an application and variance request for a new stealth Monopine

     wireless telecommunication tower, located at 660 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Waynesville,

     PIN 8617-51-5563 owned by Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc. – Kris Boyd, Planning

     Director – ATTACHMENT 1


IV.  Public Comment Session  


 V.  Constituent Concerns


 VI.  Administrative/Agency Reports

       Overview with Santek on operations at White Oak Landfill since expanded management –    

       David Francis, Solid Waste/Tax Administrator; Matt Dillard, Santek Executive Vice

       President; Cheryl Dunston, Santek Executive Vice President of Marketing


VII.  Discussion /Adjustment to Agenda


              VIII.  Consent Agenda

                                1. Approve June 15, 2015 regular meeting minutes


                         2. Approve June 2015 – Refunds, Releases, Amendments and Discoveries – David Francis,

                              Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 2


                         3. Approve June 2015 Tax Collections Update – Mike Matthews, Tax Collector –

                             ATTACHMENT 3


                         4. Approve Public Health proposed fee changes:

                             a. increase 2-hour glucose tolerance test for prenatal clients from $51 to $57

                             b. four adult health exam fee adjustments due to coding changes implemented at

                                 the state level – Carmine Rocco, Public Health Services Division Director –

                                 ATTACHMENT 4


                         5. Approval of State of North Carolina Forest Services agreement for 2015-2016 per approved

                              budget - Julie Davis, Finance Director – ATTACHMENT 5


                     IX.   Old Business

                                  Request approval of the new proposed Emergency Services/Emergency Management

                                  base conceptual design by Padgett Freeman Architects and approval to move

                                  forward with complete project design for Town of Waynesville’s Development

                                  Services and bidding procedures – Dale Burris, Facilities & Maintenance Director –

                                         ATTACHMENT 6


         X.    New Business

                                      1. Request approval of North Carolina Department of Transportation Temporary Lane/Road

                                          Interference Permit for Blue Ridge Breakaway event on August 15, 2015 – Ira Dove,

                                          County Manager – ATTACHMENT 7


                                      2. Request approval of proposed fee increase for HCHHSA Public Health Services

                                          Division for contraception device from $750 to $811 – Carmine Rocco, Public Health

                                          Services Division Director – ATTACHMENT 8


                               3. Request approval of recommended bid from Wise Communications/Eaton for workstation

                                   furniture for new 911 Center at a price of $137,988.01 to be paid for with NC911 grant

                                   funds – Chief Jeff Haynes, Sheriff’s Office – ATTACHMENT 9


                               4. Request adoption of resolution for authorization of disposition of a retired service  

                                   canine to the trained handler – Chief Jeff Haynes, Sheriff’s Office – ATTACHMENT 10


                               5. Request approval of the contract for, and purchase of, the Mauney Cove Convenience

                                   Center site located on 1.45 acres at 30 Mauney Cove Rd., Waynesville, N.C., Parcel

                                          8616-39-4150, Deed Book 809, page 777, for the purchase price of $150,000 –

                                          David Francis, Solid Waste/Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 11


                                      6. Request approval for a multi-year contract for RS&M Appraisal Services from

                                          July 2015 – June 2017 for appraisals of all commercial properties, consulting and

                                          writing of the Schedule of Values in the amount of $103,000 – David Francis,

                                          Solid Waste/Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 12


                                      7. Request approval of three contracts with McGill Engineering Contracts for ongoing

                                          services at the Francis Farm Landfill and White Oak Landfill:

                                          Contract for technical guidance                                            $25,000

                                          Contract for permit boundary modification                            $30,000

                                          Contract for White Oak Landfill capacity study                     $14,300

                                          David Francis, Solid Waste/Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 13


                                      8. Request approval of four contracts for Bunnell Lammons Engineering (BLE) for

                                          ongoing services at the Francis Farm Landfill:

                                          Contract for Well Abandonment and Installation                  $64,700

                                          Contract for Water Quality Monitoring Plan                          $10,000

                                          Contract for Statistical Analysis of Ground Water                 $ 5,000

                                          Contract for Landfill Gas Monitoring Plan                             $ 4,000

                                          David Francis, Solid Waste/Tax Administrator – ATTACHMENT 14


                                      9. Request approval of annual donation to Commission for a Clean County in the

                                          amount of $1,000 for support of litter pick-up in Haywood County – Ira Dove,

                                          County Manager – ATTACHMENT 15


                                     10. Request appointment of one (1) County Commissioner, Bill Upton, as the voting delegate

                                           at the 108th Annual Conference of the North Carolina Association of County

                                           Commissioners on August 20-23, 2015– Ira Dove, County Manager – ATTACHMENT 16


                                      11. Request re-appointment of one (1) member as the ETJ representative to the Town of

                                            Waynesville Zoning Board of Adjustments – Ira, Dove, County Manager –

                                            ATTACHMENT 17


                                      12. Request re-appointments of two (2) members to the Community Advisory Committee

                                            for Long Term Nursing Home – Ira Dove, County Manager – ATTACHMENT 18


                                      13. Request appointment of one (1) member to the Haywood County Library Board of

                                            Trustees – Ira Dove, County Manager – ATTACHMENT 19


                             XI.   Closed Session

                                     Personnel §143-318.11(a)(6)

                                     Closed Session Minutes §143-318.11(a)(1)

                                     Attorney/Client Privilege §143-318.11(a)(3)  


                            XII.    Adjournment