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For 2011, the Haywood County real property appraisal staff began using neighborhood delineation as part of the revaluation process to help analyze sales data in individual neighborhoods. Over 940 neighborhoods were created for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Neighborhood Delineation is a study of forces from outside which could have an effect on property value; and also conclusions on the typical housing, economic, social and demographic characteristics of the geographic area considered a homogeneous neighborhood. A “neighborhood” for analysis purposes is defined as the largest geographic grouping of properties where the significant economic forces of those properties are generally uniform, based on the following criteria:

  1. Physical Boundaries
    a. Natural - as rivers, mountains, woods, streams, etc.
    b. Manmade - as roads, highways, railroads, streets, corporation boundaries, etc.
  2. Housing Characteristics - such as type, quality, age and condition.
  3. Occupancy - as % of homes owner-occupied or tenant-occupied, and % of vacant structures.
  4. Predominant land use and anticipated changes.
  5. Typical land size and land valuation.
  6. Neighborhood life cycle.
  7. Estimates of market value ranges

Want to see your neighborhood delineation? Follow these simple directions:

  • Click on Maps Online, Haywood County's new mapping website. Please read the disclaimer, then click OK;
  • Click Search for a Parcel in the upper left, then type your last name in the block marked Name;
  • Select your name from the drop down menu, then click Search;
  • Click on Select Viewable Layers in the black line near the top, then scroll down the list on the left and click on Revaluation Neighborhoods
  • A map will come up on the right. Your property will appear on the map with a light blue line around it;
  • Your property and all other properties in your neighborhood delineation will be in the same color.  The color has no specific meaning other than to show all properties in your area that shared the kinds of similarities listed above.
  • To view your property information in the left pane, click "Results" in the black line near the top;

  • To view the value on properties that recently sold in your neighborhood delineation, go again to Select Viewable Layers, then scroll down to Valid Sales and click on the box. All recent sales will show up on the map outlined in a heavy red line;

  • To view information on the sale, click Select in the top menu, then click on the property you would like to review. You may have to use Zoom Out in the green panel at the top of page to see the Valid Sales in your area.

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Need Help?

If you are unable to locate your property, or have questions about Neighborhood Delineation, please contact the Haywood County Real Property Appraisal Office at 828.452.6654.